Maximum dining limit of 60-90 minutes due to limited seating
We highly recommend reservations to avoid disappointment

Maximum dining limit to around 60-90 minutes

About Us

Our Story

Osake is a celebrated Santa Rosa landmark that’s been serving unique, California-inspired Asian cuisine since 1998. Much like our menu, our name represents a fusion of the words ‘sake’ (Japan’s beloved rice wine) and ‘O’, a term which signifies respect in Japanese.

Our food pairs classic Japanese preparation, attention to detail, and subtlety with the variety, creativity, and freshness that can only be found in California. Sashimi, nigiri, bento boxes, and specialties cooked over a wood-fired grill are
all executed with precision on our extensive menu. We also offer a robust selection of sake to accentuate every dish.

At Osake, our menu relies on using the most high-quality fish available to ensure every dish shines. Our commitment to cooking with only the freshest
ingredients has always been at the core of our mission. We take care to curate a menu with extensive variety—that everyone can enjoy. Not only do we serve sushi and rolls, but we also have appetizers, cooked entrees, and small plates.

Voted “Best New Restaurant” in 1999, Osake has continued to delight and impress diners and critics alike in the decades following its inception. It’s
since been named the #1 Japanese Restaurant in Sonoma County (2018), and is continuously Zagat Rated.

The ambiance and environment created by Chef and Owner Gary Chu match our menu’s accolades. Known for his gregarious personality and contagious laughter, he makes everyone who walks through the doors of Osake feel like an honored guest. As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in ensuring we’re an integral part of the Santa Rosa community.

Our Chef

Chef/Owner Gary Chu is known as one of Sonoma County’s original celebrity chefs—and for good reason. Since opening the noted Gary Chu’s Chinese Restaurant in the early 90s, he’s been influencing and elevating the food scene in California with his innovation and commitment to serving the absolute best.

Born in Korea, Chef Gary went on to study in Japan, where he conceptualized his personal philosophy. Rejecting the confines of pure tradition, he began
focusing on creating food that’s simple, and yet appeals to all the senses. By using ingredients not found in classic Asian preparation, he opens up an unmatched range of infinite culinary possibilities.

After years of cementing his reputation as one of North Bay’s most lauded chefs, he went on to open Osake, which has been coined “North Bay’s Most Celebrated Asian Restaurant”. At Osake, his signature Martini Prawns are so popular that they’ve become subject to imitation by other restaurants.

Chef Gary’s food is only part of the story—he’s equally renowned for the hospitality, charisma, and grace he exudes from behind the sushi bar. Never one to shy away from welcoming and engaging with his guests, his magnetic personality adds an invaluable element of warmth and comfort to Osake.

Achievement & Awardeds

Zagat awarded 2018

#1 Best Japanese Restaurant In Sonoma County


Chef Gary Chu selected as one of the Best Chefs of America

Michelin Guide

‘Bib Gourmand’ 2009
Sonoma County