Maximum dining limit of 60-90 minutes due to limited seating
We highly recommend reservations to avoid disappointment

Maximum dining limit to around 60-90 minutes



Gary Chu and the entire team at Osake invite you to read the reviews many of our customers have shared with us over the years. We always appreciate when those who have enjoyed a dining experience at our California Style Japanese sushi restaurant in Santa Rosa take the time to submit a review of our business. We believe that these reviews help us ensure that we maintain the same level of excellence that has earned our Santa Rosa sushi restaurant an award winning reputation that we greatly value.

We love Osake and Gary! This place is a gem, perfect every time. Gary puts his personal touch and beauty on every dish. From the on set of covid he has never missed a beat, the new patio dining addition is one of the best in Sonoma county, well done. This has become one of our favorites and if you want to impress your out of town guests, this is your place! Gary has a staff that is the best, letting Gary do what he does best, MAGIC!
Ron A
A friend of mine who's eaten at Osake many times suggested with we have lunch there. It was, without a doubt, the best Japanese food I've ever eaten. I love Japanese cuisine and have no idea why I never tried Osaka before. We began with cold, unfiltered sake served in an exquisite wooden box along with the Marilyn Monroe at the bar where we visited with the remarkable Gary Chu. Each dish was more dazzling than the next. I can hardlly wait to return.
Anne T
Osake has become my go to sushi restaurant in Santa Rosa. I have tried several others in the county but they fail to live up to Osake's standards. For starters order the spicy green beans. They are fresh and crisp and coated with the most delicious spicy sauce. If you get nothing else to start you have to get an order of the martini prawns. They are amazing!! Four delicious prawns atop a bed of shredded carrot strings drenched in an amazing spicy sauce in a martini glass. I usually get at least one order but order 2-3 if you have a large party. Ask for the Marilyn Monroe roll (not normally on the menu) but they will make it for you. You will not be disappointed. Osake is a must have on your top Sushi restaurants in Sonoma County.
Gina L
Santa Rosa, CA
As good as it gets I have tried them all from SF and LV to NYC and London, and whenever I am in the SF Bay Area, I take the time to drive 2 hours north to experience a true master chef at work. Yes, the menu is good, and yes the food quality is always great and consistent. But to truly appreciate the most unique creations, you need to go for an early dinner, sit at the sushi bar, and let Gary create (not off the menu). He creates some amazing stuff that you wont find anywhere else, including his own menu! Watching Gary at his art is not just a dinner, it is an experience! Word of caution: dont go with a champagne appetite if you are on a beer budget. Great tasting works of art will cost you. But its well worth it!
Santa Rosa, CA
This is not your typical sushi restaurant...Belly up to the bar and watch the chef make your sushi rolls right in front of you. But it's not just the chef, it's the owner! Gary and his staff are super accommodating and always take great care of their guests. This has become an absolute favorite restaurant of mine. The quality and freshness is above and beyond, which I always get a bit nervous about with sushi restaurants. Don't make the mistake of not ordering the Martini Prawns, and go for some of the rolls with sauces. They make all their own sauces and they are so good!
Kirsten B
I love Osake! Gotta come here whenever I'm in Santa Rosa! Excellent sushi, everyone is really friendly, but the best if Chef Gary! He's always right at the sushi bar, chatting with everyone. You can hear his awesome laugh on the other side of the restaurant. He's so nice, and it's cool to see the actual chef interacting with all the guests. It makes me feel like there's a dedicated local fan base, which I love. I always want to find those spots that locals love! Check out Osake if you're ever in the area!
Audrey K
San Bruno, CA
Hands down my favorite Japanese food in Sonoma County. The martini prawns are always excellent, even though they do differ in spicy kick from time to time, they are always better than good. I love the spicy garlic green beans, and they even have wheat-free soy sauce if you ask for it! The best part of this place is the sake. My favorite sake on the planet is "Depth" ( Junmai, Chikurin "Fukamari" from Okayama) and it's unparalleled to me. I think it tastes like a chocolate-vanilla souffle without the wheat and unnecessary eating component. It's poured into a red and black square box to drink out of, always flowing over into the dish underneath. Delicious. Try it, you'll like it! Of course, there is the "secret menu" that everyone knows about, and granted, it's good, but real sushi is not about how many things you can deep fry and cover in sauces; it's about fish caught that day in icy cold seas, and delicately toasted seaweed, and perfectly moist rice. Now that's real sushi, and you can find that here...just remember to order the sake 😉
Santa Rosa, CA